"Freeze it"

"If the problem is heat related, I put the drive in the freezer for about 15 minutes to cool it down... sometimes this gets the drive up long enough to copy any critical files..."

"get the drive spinning again so you can copy needed files before the drive warms up again..."

"Try booting the drive and copying the data off after every step..."

"I can see your hard drive and have the ability to copy all of your files to a temp folder on my machine called "Your Name." After I collect all information..."

"copying what I can as quickly as possible until the drive dies again..."

"Very quickly plug it in and copy files until finished..."

"If the drive boots to an operating system and you can get to either a network or backup medium, then start copying the most important data off first..."

"Copy the most important data off the drive..."

"Copy the rest of the data off the drive..."

"Copy the important data off first...

"copy the less important data off next..."

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